At Jade Banquets, we have proudly collaborated with production houses, publications, artists, creators, and other visionaries, offering our exquisite venues as the ideal backdrop for their creative projects.

Our breathtaking open spaces and scenic views have been utilized to capture moments of beauty and expression in various forms, from captivating photo shoots to inspiring film sets.

Our Collaborations

Cover Shoots

Our elegant settings and unparalleled attention to detail provide the perfect backdrop for high-profile cover shoots. Notable collaborations include hosting esteemed artists like Shirley Setia &Aashna Shroff for cover shoots for the publication Wedding Vows and other creative endeavors. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every collaboration is met with unmatched dedication and attention to detail.

Feature Film Shoots

We pride ourselves on providing top-tier services and amenities to support the creative process. From well-appointed rooms to professional catering services, we offer a seamless and productive environment for all involved in the collaboration.

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Ad Film

Our luxurious settings have been chosen for a variety of ad film shoots, providing the perfect backdrop for commercials that require a touch of elegance and sophistication. Our team works closely with production crews to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot, allowing the creative vision to unfold effortlessly.

Music Video Shoots

We havealso been the venue of choice for numerous music video shoots, offering unique and visually captivating settings that enhance the artistic expression of the music. Our diverse locations and attention to detail help create memorable and impactful music videos.

TV Show: OTT

We have hosted TV shows and live events, including high-profile collaborations with the Global Boxing Series, which was streamed live on OTT platform, Disney + Hotstar. These partnerships underscore our capacity to support an extensive range of television and OTT productions, providing an impeccable environment for both live broadcasts and pre-recorded shows, ensuring every project is executed with the highest level of professionalism and luxury.

At Jade Banquets

Whether it’s providing a stunning location for a fashion shoot, a film set for a cinematic masterpiece, or a stage for a live performance, we offer a seamless and productive experience for all involved.

Jade is India’s premier destination to host exquisite events that symbolize grandeur & style.

It operates multiple beautifully appointed banquet venues across India offering world class hospitality and award winning catering to add elegance to your most treasured occasions.

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